Projects & Clients

I take charge of translations for diverse industries such as:

  • HR and Business Consultancy
  • Logistics
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food
  • Tourisme
  • Finance
  • Trading
  • Fashion
  • Software Localisation

I have recently provided or am currently providing translation services to the following clients: Coupa, The Dow Chemical Company, E&E information consultants AG, BASF Services Europe GmbH, Medax, Siemens AG, EDITS, Magnum Group Inc., Groupe Legris Industries, Parc animalier Sainte-Croix, Evolis, Radis et Capucine, Sarodis, Vigitechnics, bmf text+, AB Report, Agence Privilège Traduction, Linder & Tanguy, LCI Communication Sud-Ouest, Novae, La Maison de la Traduction (Hancock Hutton Language Services), La Compagnie des Traducteurs, Traducta, EMTranslations.